Confidential Client
This fast-track project covered 140,000 square feet of architectural impact tenant improvements for a software company in San Ramon. The concept blends a modern work environment with the theme of an outdoor oasis. Nature elements were incorporated into the space in a number of unique ways, including tree-lined corridors, “river ceiling” elements stretching along the top of the main lounge, and forest-patterned privacy screens. Areas for group work and “blue sky thinking” radiate an energetic cerulean blue. Acoustical panels and carpet tiles were arranged to resemble a geometric representation of a forest floor, with a river flowing from the lobby to the main work areas.

Completed on time and under budget, SC Builders’ project scope included executive offices, conference centers, classrooms, and break areas on three floors.

Photographs © Gregory Cortez @ Cortez Media Group

San Ramon

Project Type
Corporate Office

140,000 SF


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